What Thai people love to eat for breakfast?

There are many different kinds of Thai food. Do you believe that Thai people can eat any type of food for breakfast, for example, snacks, bread, milk, coffee, fruit, grilled pork with sticky rice and curry on rice.

In Thai, breakfast is known as “aahaan chao” (อาหารเช้า) which means morning food. Food that most Thai people love to eat for breakfast often is food that is hot, easy to find and gives you energy for a new day.
Now I’m going to share 11 of the most popular Thai breakfasts.

1.Khao Niaw Moo Ping (ข้าวเหนียวหมูปิ้ง)

Khao niaw moo ping (ข้าวเหนียวหมูปิ้ง) is grilled pork with sticky rice. It is such a great combination of hot, soft sticky rice with grilled pork. It’s so yummy. You’ll see them everywhere in Thailand. They are available mostly at pushcart street food stalls, along sidewalks and in every morning market. It’s the most popular dish for breakfast because it’s easy to find, cheap and delicious.

2.Jok (โจ๊ก)

Jok (โจ๊ก) is the Chinese style of congee or thick rice porridge. It is very similar to instant oatmeal. It’s considered a classic dish that everyone enjoys in the morning from time to time.
It is usually served with an egg cracked in the middle, meatballs, garnished with thin slices of ginger and cilantro. I like to eat it with black pepper and a few drops of soya sauce.

3.Khao tom (ข้าวต้ม)

Khao tom (ข้าวต้ม) is boiled rice soup. There are many different types of khao tom (ข้าวต้ม) throughout Thailand, but it’s often eaten with a mix of seafood, fish, and pork or with chicken.

4.Khao khai jiaw (ข้าวไข่เจียว)

Khao khai jiaw is rice with Thai omelet. It’s one of the most popular dishes because it is very easy to make and it’s delicious. By the time the steamed rice is ready; your Thai omelet will be done. Quick and Easy!
You can also usually order a khao khai jiaw at any Thai stir fry restaurant at any time of the day.

5.Nam Tao Hoo (น้ำเต้าหู้) and Pa-tong-go (ปาท่องโก๋)

Nam tao hoo is fresh soy milk. The vendors usually add some sugar to hot soy milk in a plastic bag. It is also popular to have nam tao hoo in the evening or at night after a meal.
Pa-tong-go is the Thai version of a donut. The dough is light and fluffy, and instead of a sweet style donut, they are a little salty. Patongo (ปาท่องโก๋) is one of the most common breakfast snacks in Thailand, and many people will buy a bag to takeaway for breakfast.
They are often served together. I can guarantee they are a perfect match.

6.Khao Rad Gaeng (ข้าวราดแกง)

If you’re up for a spicy, filling breakfast, or you are looking for something to fill your stomach in the morning, khao rad gaeng (ข้าวราดแกง) can be your good breakfast choice. Khao rad gaeng (ข้าวราดแกง) is rice with curry. Usually you get a plate of rice, and then choose whatever mix of curries you’d like on top, and it’s also normal to get a fried egg on the side as well.

7.Tom luad moo (ต้มเลือดหมู)

It basically translates to boiled pork blood. The soup is a combination of different pork parts, often intestines, liver, lungs, and then the necessary chunks of coagulated pigs blood that live up to its name. Tom luad moo is usually eaten with a bowl of rice on the side.

8.Guay Jap (ก๋วยจั๊บ)

Guay jap is the rich, meaty broth with carpet-roll like tubes of rice noodles. Slight variations on “guay jap” feature additions such as crispy fried pork, garlic, lettuce, fresh herbs, tofu, pork liver cubes of blood.

It tastes quite plain. I like to season it with fresh ground chilies, vinegar, sugar and garlic. It’s a tasty dish.

9.Khao man gai (ข้าวมันไก่)

Khao man gai (ข้าวมันไก่) is the Thai version of chicken with rice, and is one of the most widely available street dishes throughout Thailand. It’s usually served with chicken chopped into bite-size pieces, and placed over the rice, garnished with slices of cucumber and cilantro, and served it with a side bowl of soup and sauce.

10.Salapao (ซาลาเปา)

Salapao are Chinese steamed buns. It’s a popular snack in Thailand. They are available at Chinese restaurants, 7-11 and street food stalls throughout Thailand.

The filling of the buns usually consists of barbecue, minced pork with salted egg, mixed vegetables, black bean or a cream filling.

11.Khai Krata (ไข่กระทะ)

Khai krata is fried eggs with ham and chicken in a hot pan. It’s tasty and full of nutrition. Every morning, Khai Krata restaurants are packed with locals and travelers who come to fill their stomach with the city’s morning glory in a pan.

Basically, Khai Krata consists of 2 eggs, slices of Chinese pork sausages, and slices of Vietnamese pork bologna. Some restaurants add more toppings such as stir-fried minced pork or shredded crispy pork. All come in a tin pan. Chili sauce, ketchup, soy sauce, and peppers are on the table to add extra taste of your choice.
Hope you enjoyed this article. When you are in Thailand, I would recommend that you visit a morning local market. Get started slowly, relax and enjoy Thai food. Thank you for reading. See you in the next article.