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We extended our reach to northern Thailand by opening our Chiang Mai branch. 

Pro Language Chiang Mai is situated in a fantastic central location which makes transportation easy. 

This location is perfect for anyone who would like to learn about the beauty of Thai culture and society in addition to learning a new language. 

In the same year, we were named the “Best Private Language School” by the Thai Ministry of Education.

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Branch Location & contact

Address: 6/4-5, Nimmanahaeminda Rd, Suthep, Mueang, Chiang Mai, 50200

Phone: (+66) 53 400 980

Mobile: (+66) 86 431 0377


Working Days/Hours:

Mon – Sat (9:00 AM – 6:00 PM)

Sun  (Closed)

Line ID: pro400980

What our students say

Jalill Barnes

“I have done in person classes and online classes and yes, the online classes are just as good as the in person. We used the Zoom application. The teacher had an electronic version of the book that she will put on the screen for everybody to follow through, so, even if you don’t have the book you can still see where you guys are at and which page, you’re on. She can electronically write. They are both equally beneficial but online really is the simpler, and there are some advantages with the online course that you may not be able to have in person.”

Seth Schleben

Khruu Nók at Pro Language School Pattaya Branch is very good at teaching foreigners the Thai language. She makes it fun and easy. 👍

Soraya Raemwanith

"I was introduced to take an Intensive English Writing Course at Pro Language by my company. Before I came here I used to take the fundamental English writing class with other classmates. However, I realized that without practicing in writing English, I would never get improvement. Fortunately, I have an opportunity to take a private class at Pro Language that I could arrange my course outline. In addition to this, the English teacher is also fluent in writing literature and encourages me to write more often. This will let me develop my professional writing. Besides, I can get improve my speaking as well during the class discussion. Thank you to Pro Language and the teacher for the English writing inspiration. I found that English is amazing and fun."

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