Education Visa

Enroll in a Course with us and obtain an ED-Visa in any of Pro Language’s branches.

Although at the present time it is not easy to enter Thailand with Education visa, but you obtained a tourist visa,
we can still help you to change your visa to an Education visa after you have arrived in the Kingdom.

Convert to ED Visa inside Thailand


Foreigners who hold these types of visa:


✅  Visa on arrival 30, 45 or 90 days        

✅  Tourist visa 60 days


✅  Transit

✅  TR15 (Only in Bangkok branch)


Remark: We CANNOT convert Non-immigrant ED/B/O and to ED visa inside Thailand.

Case by Case consideration. It will depend on what kind of visa you currently have.

Therefore, we will check the passport on a case by case basis to make sure again.

Once we have received the required documents from you, either you visit our school or send the documents online. We will submit your documents to The Ministry of Education (MOE) to get an approval letter. The process takes 3 to 4 weeks. After we received the approval letter back from the MOE, we will contact you to come to the school to sign your paperwork, drop your passport off, and pay the conversion visa fee. After that we will submit the visa paperwork to the immigration office, it takes at least 21 days to process your visa (after the submission, you will need to be at the immigration to take a photo the next day).

Required documents are:

📌 Passport

  (Make a photocopy at the school or scan file of every page)

📌 Your photo with white background and polite shirt

   (Take at the school or a digital file)

📌 Proof of address are:

            – Owners documents

            – House Registration book

            – Copy of Lease

            – Photos of property

            – TM.30 (Notification of address)

Also, countries of the Middle East and South Africa additionally, are required to have a Police clearance either from their home country or from the Royal Thai Police.

Remark: The school will handle all the visa paperwork to confirm the smooth running of the visa process.

Pro Language has four different branches in Thailand, but you can obtain an Education visa and convert to ED visa inside Thailand from our 3 branches in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Pattaya. Please find required documents for each of these branches. For studying, we provide the visa for 3 languages they are as follows; Thai, English and Chinese, and you are able to study in the physical classroom or online platform.


The price is subject to change depending on your visa status, date, and the course you choose to register with. 

You will need to consult our staff.

Obtain an ED Visa outside of Thailand

The Kingdom of Thailand welcomes every nationality. People from all around the world who are a minimum of 12 years old are eligible to obtain a student visa or education visa. Whether you are now in Thailand or not, it’s very easy to apply for this type of visa! One year non-immigrant “ED” Visas are available to applicants who enroll on any of our full group courses.

Once we have received the required documents from you, either you visit our school or send the documents online. We will submit your documents to The Ministry of Education. The process takes 3 to 4 weeks, then you collect your paperwork from us and apply for your visa at a Thai embassy outside of Thailand.

Required documents are:

A scan of passport first page

A digital photo with white background

also for  middle eastern, Argentinian and Columbine additionally required to have the Police clearance either from their home country or from royal Thai police.

Note: for Chiang mai branch this process might takes between 45 to 60 days.

When you come back you have  a three-month visa and within first 24 hours you must confirm your address at the Immigration office(TM.30 rule) also you need to come back to school within first of  within first week to sign some more paperwork then you need to extend your visa at the immigration office in Thailand every 3 months. We have a representative at the Bangkok immigration office in order to facilitate the process.

Pro Language has different branches in Thailand, You can obtain education visa from us and stay in any of our branches in Bangkok, Pattaya or Chiang Mai. please find required documents for each of these branches.


You can enroll in a course with us and obtain education visa
for 6 months or 1 year.

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Price:  28,700 THB (Approx. 780 USD)

Price:  31,600 THB (Approx. 1000 USD)

Price:  40,100 THB (Approx. 1280 USD)

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What our students say

John Howe

Being half Thai, I had an advantage of growing up with a Thai speaking parent. But when I first moved to Thailand from the United States at the age of 37, I realized that I just didn’t have the skills to communicate on a higher business level of Thai. So I came to Pro Language not only because of the extremely flexible hours and days that classes are offered and the multiple locations, but mainly because you can learn advanced business Thai in both reading/writing and spoken language. I am very excited to begin my journey to fluency in Thai, and can only thank my instructors and the staff at Pro Language for guiding me. I look forward to being as comfortable communicating in Thai as in any other language.

Jalill Barnes

“I have done in person classes and online classes and yes, the online classes are just as good as the in person. We used the Zoom application. The teacher had an electronic version of the book that she will put on the screen for everybody to follow through, so, even if you don’t have the book you can still see where you guys are at and which page, you’re on. She can electronically write. They are both equally beneficial but online really is the simpler, and there are some advantages with the online course that you may not be able to have in person.”

DIANA Anderson-Watson

“The online classes have been amazing for me, personally it suits my learning style so I learn much better in the online classroom”

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