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Corporate Chinese Training

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Corporate Chinese Language Training

With the deepening economic and cultural ties between Chinese and Thai businesses and government organizations, the demand for Chinese language ability has never been higher.  Add value to your team by enhancing your staff’s ability to communicate with Chinese customers or business partners.  Our Chinese language courses are designed to let you learn Chinese in an easy and enjoyable way.

Top Corporate Training providers for Chinese Language

Add value to your team by enhancing your staff’s ability to communicate with Chinese customers or business partners.

Teacher Faculty

The teachers of Pro Language Chinese corporate training are professional and outstanding  Chinese language educators, They can build effective communication with the students; can explain language point accurately in learning process; and can efficiently organize classroom training activities, so that the students learning Chinese efficiently can in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Course Design

With the deepening exchanges of economic and cultural fields between Chinese and Thai government, the demand of communication in Chinese between Chinese-Thai companies and employees has become increasingly prominent, while 6 million person-year of Chinese people came to Thailand for the Thai tourism also brings a huge consumer market. Therefore, Chinese training is increasingly important.

On curriculum development, Pro Language always been to serve the company as a foothold around the specific requirements of your company to develop high-quality professional courses.

Enterprise Business Chinese

Pro Corporate Business Chinese language courses have been carefully designed to meet the needs of today’s fast-paced business world. Our courses focus on developing students’ ability to use Chinese to complete their daily communication and basic business communication tasks. Pro provide the Business Chinese courses according to your company’s business requirements.

  • Lots of teaching experience
  • Innovative teaching methods
  • Professional serious and responsible
  • Fluent Thai and English ability

Foundation Communicative Chinese

Chinese for Hospital

Travel Communicative Chinese

Chinese for Bank Financial

Customer Service Chinese

Customized Chinese Courses

Marketing Chinese

Our Business Chinese Program is separated into 3 level (6 stage) to ensure accurate placement.

Primary Business Chinese Level (Stage1 & Stage2)

With basic knowledge of Chinese, there is a certain communicative competence

Intermediate Business Chinese Level (Stage3 & Stage4)

Chinese business can effectively use them to exchange business trade

Advanced Business Chinese Level (Stage5 & Stage6)

Chinese freely skillfully applied them in a professional business service

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