Rice for Thai people

Thai people have been eating rice as a staple food from the past to the present because rice is a carbohydrate source that provides energy for Thai people in their work and daily life. Rice also contains nutrients many vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the body.

In the past, most Thai people had a career in farming. Therefore, Thai farmers are known as the backbone of the nation. Each year, Thai farmers are able to produce a lot of rice. Thai rice is one of the best qualities rice. Thai jasmine rice has been the world champion of rice contest for many years.

Rice creates a culture

Thais consume rice in a methodical and unique way. The food that Thai people eat together with rice; we call it “kàp khâaw” which means “side dish”. It has been creating a culture of eating and decorating food. There are many kinds of rice that Thai people eat but the most popular is steamed rice and sticky rice. The northern Thai and northeastern people prefer to eat sticky rice rather than steamed rice. But the central region and southern region people would prefer to eat steamed rice. It depends on the familiarity and culture of each locality.

Rice has been used in languages, proverbs, and Thai idioms related to rice which are still used in Thai society such as

1.ในน้ำมีปลา ในนามีข้าว Nai nám mii plaa nai naa mii khâaw
which means “high cotton” or “there is no place like home”

2. ข้าวยาก หมากแพง  Khâaw yâak màak phaang.
It’s similar to the term “hard times” which also means “a period of great difficulty”.

3. หนูตกถังข้าวสาร Nǔu tòk thǎng khâaw sǎan
A similar idiom is the term “gold digger”.

4. ทุบหม้อข้าวตัวเอง  Thúp môo khâaw tua eeng
We use this idiom in case someone cuts their own livelihood or destroying their career.

5. ข้าวใหม่ ปลามัน Khâaw mài plaa man
A similar idiom is the term “honeymoon period”

and etc., as well as being used as a simple greeting for Thai people such as “Where have you been? 

and “Have you eaten yet?”.

How to cook rice

Have you ever cooked rice? Actually, cooking rice for yourself is not difficult. 

You can follow these steps. Let’s get started.

  1. 1. Start by washing the rice thoroughly and free from dust or dirt at least 2-3 times.
  2. 2. Add clean water to a ratio of 1: 1.2 or dip your index finger into the rice cooker. The high-water level should be over the raw rice about 1 inch.
  3. 3. Then put the rice cooker in the machine. Press the button and wait until the rice is cooked. Then you will have soft and perfect rice.

As you can see that the way of life of Thai people has changed a lot. Although there are many foods to eat instead of rice but the rice is still a staple food and has been closely linked to the Thai way of life from the past to the present.