How to introduce yourself in Thai

To be successful in learning Thai, you should make Thai friends to learn the culture and practice your Thai language. I would like to introduce you to some basic expressions to open opportunity to make Thai friends.

In this lesson, I’m going to teach you how to introduce yourself in Thai.

1. Firstly, to say “My name is ……………” In Thai, it’s very simple.

For males you should say “Phǒm chûu …… khráp” My name is ……..

For females you should say “Chǎn chûu …… khâ” My name is ……..

Let’s break down the sentence.

Phǒm and Chǎn mean I.

Phǒm is used by males while Chǎn is used by females.

Chûu means name.

Therefore, Phǒm or Chǎn chûu …… mean My name is ……..

When you want to introduce a third person. You can use the word “Khǎw” which means he, she or they to replace the word Phǒm or Chǎn.

For example, I would like to introduce my friends to you.

First one,  khǎw chûu James.  (His name is James)

Next, khǎw chûu Mika.  (Her name is Mika)

2. I am from….or I come from……

Where do you come from? America? Canada? Australia? Or England? This is very simple.

For males, you can just say “Phǒm maa jàak (your country) khráp”

For females, you can just say “Chǎn maa jàak (your country) khâ”

Let’s break down the sentence.

Phǒm/chǎn mean I

Maa means to come

Jàak means from

For example,

Chǎn maa jàak Muang Thai khâ = I come from Thailand.

James: Phǒm maa jàak Ameerikaa khráp. (I come from America)

Mika: Chǎn maa jàak Yîipùn khâ. (I come from Japan)

3. To say “Nice to meet you” or “Pleased to meet you” “Yin dii thîi dâi rúu jàk”

When you want to say “Nice to meet you too” in Thai. You can just add Chên kan which means “too”. Let’s see example.

James: Yin dii thîi dâi rúu jàk khráp.

Mika: Yin dii thîi dâi rúu jàk chên kan khâ.

4. I live in…….

Where are you living now? To say I live in…..

You can just say “Phǒm/Chǎn aa-sǎi yùu nai (name of the state, city or province)” or

“Phǒm/Chǎn phák yùu thîi (name of the state, city or province)”


Let’s break down these sentences

aa-sǎi and phák means to live

yùu means to be or to be located

nai means in

thîi means at

krungthêep means Bangkok

For example, Chǎn aa-sǎi yùu nai krungthêep or Chǎn phák yùu thîi krungthêep

Both mean I live in Bangkok.

James: Phǒm aa-sǎi yùu nai Chiang mai khráp. (I live in Chiang mai.)

Mika: Chǎn phák yùu thîi Tokyo khâ. (I live in Tokyo.)


5. I’m learning Thai at…….

Where are you learning Thai? At school? or  At home?

James: Phǒm rian phaasǎa Thai thîi roongrian khráp.  I’m learning Thai at school.

Mika: Chǎn rian phaasǎa Thai thîi bâan khâ.  I’m learning Thai at home.


Let’s break down these sentences.

rian = to study

phaasǎa Thai = Thai language

roongrian = school

bâan  = house or home

6. I’m ……..years old.

Here is how to give your age in Thai.

Chǎn aa-yú yîi sìp kâw pii khâ. I’m 29 years old.

aa-yú = age                 pii = year

yîi sìp kâw = 29

James: Phǒm aa-yú sìi sìp hâa pii khráp. ( I’m 45 years old.)

Mika: Chǎn aa-yú sǎam sìp sǎam pii khâ. ( I’m 33 years old.)

7. I am ……(Job)……

What about your job or occupation? Are you a manager, a chef or an artist?

In Thai, you can say “Phǒm / Chǎn pen …… (Job)….. khráp / khâ”

For example, I’m a teacher. I will say “Chǎn pen khruu”.

Khruu = teacher

Pen = to be (is, am, are)

James: Phǒm pen phûujàtkaan khráp. (I’m a manager.)

Mika: Chǎn pen mǒo fan khâ. (I’m a dentist.)


Time to review; I would like to introduce myself with all this information again.

Sawàtdii khráp, phǒm chûu James khráp.  Hello, my name is James.

(Phǒm)  maa jàak Ameerikaa. I come from America.

(Phǒm)  phák yùu thîi Chiang Mai. I live in Chiang Mai.

(Phǒm) rian phaasǎa Thai thîi roongrian.  I’m learning Thai at school.

(Phǒm) aa-yú sìi sìp hâa pii khráp. I’m 45 years old.

(Phǒm) pen phûujàtkaan.  I’m a manager.

Yin dii thîi dâi rúu jàk khráp. Nice to meet you.


Sawàtdii khâ, chǎn chûu Mika khâ.  Hello, my name is Mika.

(Chǎn)  maa jàak Yîipùn. I come from Japan.

(Chǎn)  phák yùu thîi Tokyo. I live in Tokyo.

(Chǎn)  rian phaasǎa Thai thîi bâan.  I’m learning Thai at home.

(Chǎn)  aa-yú sǎam sìp sǎam pii. I’m 33 years old.

(Chǎn)  pen mǒo fan khâ.  I’m a dentist.

Yin dii thîi dâi rúu jàk khâ. Nice to meet you.


It’s easy right! Keep practicing your pronunciation with Thai friends. See you next time. Sawàtdii khâ. Good bye.