The use of “rúujàk”

Thai Course: The use of “rúujàk”

rúujàk” means in English “to know or to be familiar with a place or a person” but not “to know information”. Therefore the question “Khun rúujàk villa supermarket mǎy”? means “Are you familiar with Villa Supermarket?” in the sense that whether you know where it is or you have been there before. It is important to differentiate between the verb “rúujàk”(to be familiar with) and “rúu” (to know information)

khun rúujàk sathǎanthûut india mǎy?

(Are you familiar with the Indian Embassy?)

khun rúu mǎy wan jan nâa pen wan yùt?
(Do you know that the next Monday is a holiday?)