Why Visit Thailand

Why Visit Thailand?

You might be wondering where to visit on your next holiday. Thailand, though it has received some bad press lately, is still the worlds most popular tourist destination. So, why should you visit the land of smiles? Here are five good reasons why:

It’s (almost) always sunny warm

While the northern hemisphere is freezing cold, Thailand is warm and sunny as usual. This makes it a great time to go to the beach or even a walk in the park any day or night. Warm weather and sunshine is good for the body, mind and soul.

Thailand is affordable

Room rentals are cheap, the food is great and low-priced and almost everything you want to do, or buy is much cheaper than in other countries. Where else can you eat seafood for a few dollars and drink for even less?

Great beaches

Thailand’s beaches can’t be beat. White sand, limestone hills and unspoilt natural beauty abound across Thailand’s many, many beaches which range from all night party spots to quiet and relaxing places for the whole family

Friendly people

The land of smiles is very welcoming for foreigners. You can expect excellent service at any restaurant or shopping centre and you can expect to meet very warm and friendly people.

Thai food

From streetfood to five star gourmet, Thai food is known worldwide for its freshness and variety. Whether you like it hot and spicy or milder, Thailand has a variety of foods to suit all preferences. And, in addition to Thai food, there are many varieties of food from all over the world here too.