How to ask someone out in Thai

If you would like to impress your Thai friends by inviting them to do something or go somewhere together in Thai, this will probably be useful. I’m going to teach you how to ask someone out in Thai. They will probably be impressed when you try to speak Thai. As you know, Thais highly appreciate your efforts to speak Thai. In English, you would say “Shall we……?”. Please see how simple it is to say in Thai. Here we go!

Pai + (somewhere/ do something) + dûaykan mǎi?
(ไป + somewhere/ do something + ด้วยกันไหม) Which means Shall we……..?
As you know Pai (ไป) means to go
Dûaykan (ด้วยกัน) means together

Let’s see example: 

  1. Pai kin khâaw dûaykan mǎi? (ไปกินข้าวด้วยกันไหม)
    Which means shall we go to eat together?
    Kin(กิน) = to eat, Khâaw(ข้าว) = rice/ food

     2. Pai kin kaafaa dûaykan mǎi? (ไปกินกาแฟด้วยกันไหม)
          Shall we go for a coffee together?
          Kin(กิน)= can means to eat or drink
          Kaafaa (กาแฟ) = coffee

     3. Pai duu nǎng dûaykan mǎi? (ไปดูหนังด้วยกันไหม)
         Shall we go to see a movie together?
         Duu (ดู) = to watch, Nǎng(หนัง)= movie

    4. Pai thîaw dûaykan mǎi? (ไปเที่ยวด้วยกันไหม)
        Shall we go out together?
        Thîaw(เที่ยว)= to travel, to hang out

    5. Pai talàat dûaykan mǎi? (ไปตลาดด้วยกันไหม)
        Shall we go to the market together?
        Talàat (ตลาด) = market

Take a look at this dialog.

  A: Phrûng níi toon yen, khun wâang mǎi khráp? (พรุ่งนี้ตอนเย็นคุณว่างไหมครับ) Are you free tomorrow evening?
  B: Wâang khâ. Tham mai khá? (ว่างค่ะ ทำไมคะ) Yes. I’m free. Why?
  A: Pai kin khâaw dûaykan mǎi? (ไปกินข้าวด้วยกันไหม) Shall we go to eat together?
  B: Kìi moong khá? (กี่โมงคะ) What time?
  A: Nùng thûm khráp. (1 ทุ่มครับ)At 7 p.m.
  B: Dâi khâ. Láaw jee kan ná khá. (ได้ค่ะ แล้วเจอกันนะคะ ) OK. See you then.
  A: Láaw jee kan khráp.(แล้วเจอกันครับ ) OK. See you.

From the dialog, you can learn some new words and phrases.

Phrûng níi (พรุ่งนี้) = tomorrow
Toon yen (ตอนเย็น) = in the evening
Wâang (ว่าง) = free
Tham mai (ทำไม) = why
Kìi moong (กี่โมง) = what time

Now you can impress Thai people and ask someone out in Thai. Hope this is useful. See you again in the next lesson. Láaw phóp kan mài khâ. สวัสดีค่ะ