Making and Using an Herbal Compress Massage Therapy.

What is the herbal compress?

In Thailand, the compress ball is called “Lûuk prà khóp” (ลูกประคบ). Compress herbal massage therapy is designed to relieve pain and inflammation. To make a compress, choose healing herbs, which may include ginger, lemongrass, and turmeric. Wrap them in a muslin cloth and steam them, then apply it directly to the skin using gentle, circular, and rolling pressing motions to relieve muscle aches and tension. The popularity of herbal compress balls is largely due to their ease of use. The treatment is not expensive or complicated but can be extremely effective.

The compress can include the following simple components:

o Lemongrass (ตะไคร้)

o Pandan leaves (ใบเตย)

o Tamarind leaves (ใบมะขาม)

o Plai (ไพล)

o Turmeric (ขมิ้น)

o Kaffir lime peel or orange peel (ผิวมะกรูดหรือผิวส้ม)

o Camphor (การบูร)

o Salt (เกลือ)

How to make the compress ball:

  1. 1. Start by washing the herbs thoroughly. Then cut the herbs into small pieces, add salt and camphor, 
  2.     and mix together well.
  4. 2. Place the mixture in the center of a cloth. Hold the fabric corners, two corners at a time, 
  5.     bring together until all four corners are joined at the top.
  7. 3. Then slowly twist the compress into a beautiful circular shape and secure it with a rope that is knotted. 
  8.      Be sure to leave one end of the rope longer to wrap around the handle.
  10. 4. To make the handle hold the rest of the fabric together and tuck three of the loose corners into the remaining corner       of fabric and fold the ends down beautifully.
  12. 5. Wrap the remaining length of rope completely around the handle and secure with a knot at the top. 
  13.     Doing this will give the compress strength and beauty. It will also be durable, and will look neat and tidy.

How to do the compress:

Steam the compress in a steamer for about 15-20 minutes then apply the compress to the body. 

Firmly place the hot compress on the desired areas of the body.  

Do not leave the compress in one area for too long, as it can cause scalding. 

Each compress can be reused for 3-5 days by keeping it in a refrigerator. 

If the compress has changed color it should not be used again.

Using an herbal compress can immediately relieve pain and inflammation of muscles, tendons, and joints. 

It can also help to stretch fibrous tissues and muscles, as well as reduce joint stiffness.

**Caution: It is not recommended to use herbal compresses in areas with swelling and redness.

Benefits of herbal compress balls:

In general, the growing popularity of the Thai compress therapy has been praised as a useful and complete treatment. 

Thai compress therapy offers several potential health benefits as follow;

o Stimulates deep relaxation

o Relieves stress and fatigue or anxiety

o Improves blood flow

o Relieve pain

o Relieve stiffness, sore or pulling muscles and tendons

o Relieve chronic back pain

o Recharge and refresh the mind and body

After compressing with an herbal compress, it can be guaranteed that the pain will reduce immediately, it can also reduce inflammation of the muscles, tendons and joints. It helps the fibrous tissue muscle to stretch, and reduce the jam of the joints as well. We do not recommend to compress in the area of the red swelling area.