What Is Corporate Language Training And Why Do You Need It?

Corporate language training is simply language training provided as a B2B service to companies or other organizations. It can be English language, Chinese, Japanese, or other European languages. If you are experiencing a skill gap due to poor language skills, then corporate language training will help you to close the gap. There are a number of advantages to setting up a corporate language training program rather than simply sending your staff to learn at a language school.

How can corporate language training help my organization?

Corporate training programs are aimed at the needs of working adults. The courses can focus on different skill areas, such as presentation skills, meeting skills, email writing, or negotiating. Industry or job-related courses are also available. For example, you can choose English for accounting, English for IT, or English for the automotive industry.With corporate training, you can discuss your needs with a specialist who will then select a program that best fits your needs. The length of the program can be tailored to suit your budget. In addition, the training schedule can fit the availability of your staff. Perhaps most importantly, you can do this type of language training at your office, which is both convenient and efficient.

Why not send my staff to a language school?

The specialized language courses mentioned above are usually not offered as public courses at language schools. This means your staff may end up joining a general English course at a language school, rather than a much more relevant business English course. You will also miss out on a lot of flexibility. You won’t be able to choose the schedule of the course, the length or the number of people in the classes. If you staff are busy, you won’t be able to postpone the lesson. Finally, most language schools don’t provide reporting at the end of a course. In contrast, Pro Language’s Corporate Training Department provides detailed reports about each trainee as well as summary reports about each class. These reports show attendance, pre-test and post-test results, instructor comments, and ideas for further study.
So, if you have a language skill gap at your organization, and you want language training that is relevant, that you can control, and that provides measurable results, then you should really consider corporate language training.