Мы делаем обучение лёгким и приятным

Мы помогли более 50 000 студентам из более чем 90 стран

добиться успеха и стать уверннее в изучаемом языке

Отдел студенческой визы

For prospective students who intend to learn a language with an education visa in Thailand, apply for this visa now!

Типы наших курсов

Breaking the language barrier by choosing the course type(s) that meets your needs.

Online Languages

Learning language with online lessons at flexible times and locations.

Corporate Training

Improving employees’ language performance with confidence in communication skills.

Отдел студенческой визы

Мы помогли более 50 000 студентам из более чем 90 стран

Запишитесь на курсы в одном из филиалов Pro Language и получите студенческую визу.

Процесс оформления визы занимает всего 3 – 4 недели.

Типы наших курсов

Улучшите своё общение с помощью четырех навыков английского языка

Learning a language is easy and fun with Pro Language live online lessons.

Our Pro EZY courses are fun and relaxed environment through activities.

Learning a new language is becoming essential to your success.

TOEIC, IELTS, TOEFL for English as well as HSK for Chinese, and JLPT for Japanese.

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Learning a Language Online

Unlike many other language schools in Thailand,

our classrooms are global.

Are you looking for an online language course?

we offer you Thai, English, Chinese and Japanese online courses.

Upcoming Courses

Be ready to join the following classes.

Connect to the world with our comprehensive language courses covering all four skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing. Our students come from all over the world, so you can learn different cultures and make new friends.

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Corporate Training

15 years of experience delivering language training solutions.
We are experts in course design & language assessments.

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