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Learn a Language is easy and fun with Pro Language live online lessons.

Schedule your private lessons or you can join our online group classes at your convenience and study from the comfort of home with our experienced Thai teachers. No losing the quality from the physical classroom even though you study online live lessons. We design all Thai course materials and additional supplements to enhance and improve your Thai language learning. We’ve helped more than thousands of people from around the world to learn the languages of their choice. We can help you too!

Live Classes with professional and friendly native Thai teacher. There is an academic Degree and speak excellent English.

Learn and practice a language with friend at the same level from all around the world.

Study from anywhere you wish via smartphone or computer

Our teachers have many years of experience Thai teaching to foreigners and expert in online live teaching.

Save time and travel costs

Focus on useful vocabulary, the various constructions used in simple sentences, and essential phrases of the Thai language.

You’ll develop your Thai foundational skills to help you to be able to speak and read the basic Thai language.

Basic conversation & vocabulary for everyday life in Thailand.

Develop your Thai pronunciation fluency and sentence structure accuracy, and confidence.

Improve your grammar and increase your vocabulary knowledge, with the most common phrases and useful sentences.

Complex sentence structure & vocabulary, specialized discussions, a wide range of topic expressions, and fluent normal conversation with native speakers.

Perfect your usage of the Thai language as the Thais use.

Learn advanced sentences and complex vocabulary how the Thais really speak in their daily lives.

Advanced grammar & vocabulary, read and write longer texts, and grasp implicit meanings in more complex topics.


The best materials to support your learning written by Prolanguage.

Online Live Group classes

LanguageLevelScheduleStart Date
ThaiBook 1

Tuesday & Thursday

18:00 – 19:40

06th July 2021
Book 1

Monday & Wednesday

18:00 – 19:40

26th Apri 2021
Book 2

Monday & Wednesday

10:00 – 11:40

31th Mar 2021
Book 3

Tuesday & Thursday

11:00 – 12:40

12st May 2021
Book 5

Monday & Wednesday

13:00 – 14:40

24th Feb 2021

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Arni Mizutani

When I first came to Thai Land I literary knew nothing about the Thai Language. PRO language was my first school to learn Thai and I had to start by introducing myself. Starting from "sawaddii kha" it was magical that day by day my vocabulary increased even I didn't study really really hard. Actually I did just 1 hour of review every day and after 3 month of studying I realized myself communicating with local Thai people!! The teachers there are well experienced and not only using the textbook but also using some unique worksheets with some pictures on to make the study enjoyable. I'm now in my 2nd year of Thai Language Course and managing how to read and write as well as speaking. Reading Thai is so amazing to me, I just can't help reading everything I see and you know, sometimes there are important notes that might help you a lot!! I never thought that learning at Pro Language would give me this much benefit in my daily life!! If you want to improve your Thai Language, learn easy at PRO!!

John Howe

Being half Thai, I had an advantage of growing up with a Thai speaking parent. But when I first moved to Thailand from the United States at the age of 37, I realized that I just didn’t have the skills to communicate on a higher business level of Thai. So I came to Pro Language not only because of the extremely flexible hours and days that classes are offered and the multiple locations, but mainly because you can learn advanced business Thai in both reading/writing and spoken language. I am very excited to begin my journey to fluency in Thai, and can only thank my instructors and the staff at Pro Language for guiding me. I look forward to being as comfortable communicating in Thai as in any other language.

Michael Lucken

I have been studying private Thai lessons for a number of years. A very professional school and they set a high standard of learning. I would recommend to anyone who wishes to learn Thai in a class or privately.

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