Pro EZY Chinese

Pro Ezy Chinese is all about conversation, it’s taught with a book and teaches basic conversation so you will be able to communicate at a relatively easy level with the first book. There are 2 levels with Pro Ezy Chinese.

In these courses, you can expect:

This course transformed my business writing and communication skills. The practical lessons and comprehensive materials significantly boosted my confidence. Highly recommended for professionals seeking improvement.

Brooklyn Simmons


  • A range of activities designed to promote group discussion.
  • Fun, engaging and interactive activities to help improve your spoken Chinese.
  • An easygoing, laidback atmosphere.
  • To meet new people from various backgrounds.

The course consists of a 90-hour learning period that is broken down into three 30-hour periods. Stage one starts a beginner level, with the following stages becoming more advanced.

What are the pre-requirements?

A placement test score in line with your chosen level.

What will I gain from this course?

  • Overall better communication skills.
  • A greater understanding of Chinese culture.
  • Increased sureness when using the Chinese language.
  • An ability to express yourself more freely and fluently.

Who is this course suitable for?

Anybody looking to improve their communication skills in Mandarin.