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Learn a Language online

Learning a language is easy and fun with Pro Language live online private lessons.

Schedule your lessons at your convenience and study from the comfort of home with one of our experienced Thai, English, Chinese or Japanese language teachers.



We’ve helped thousands of people from around the world to learn the languages of their choice. We can help you too!

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Learn Thai, English, Chinese or Japanese language online. You can study any of our standard courses, from general conversation to business communication to test preparation. Or you can tailor your lesson to meet your specific interests or needs.


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6,000 THB (Approximately 170 USD) 

5,400 THB (Approximately 163 USD) 

10,500 THB (Approximately 300 USD) 

14,000 THB (Approximately 400 USD) 

24,000 THB (Approximately 686 USD) 
44,000 THB (Approximately 1250 USD) 
63,000 THB (Approximately 1,800 USD) 
20,000 THB (Approximately 570 USD) 
36,000 THB (Approximately 1029 USD) 
51,000 THB (Approximately 1458 USD) 
17,000 THB (Approximately 505 USD) 
7,000 THB per Student (Approximately 230 USD) 
14,000 THB per Student (Approximately 460 USD) 
21,000 THB per Student (Approximately 691 USD) 
5,400 THB per Student (Approximately 175 USD) 
10,800 THB per Student (Approximately 355 USD) 
16,200 THB per Student (Approximately 533 USD) 
4,500 THB per Student (Approximately 148 USD) 
9,000 THB per Student (Approximately 296 USD) 
13,500 THB per Student (Approximately 444 USD) 
34,000 THB (Approximately 1011 USD) 
48,600 THB (Approximately 1,445 USD) 
12,000 THB (Approximately 363 USD) 
23,200 THB (Approximately 700 USD) 
34,800 THB (Approximately 1053 USD) 
18,000 THB (Approximately 514 USD) 
32,000 THB (Approximately 914 USD) 
45,000 THB (Approximately 1,280 USD) 
To receive price please contact our office
phone: 038-489-225
Email: pattaya@prolanguage.co.th
To receive price please contact our office
phone: 038-489-225
Email: pattaya@prolanguage.co.th 
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