In these courses, you can expect:

  • Carefully planned lessons.
  • Fun, engaging and interactive activities to promote discussion.
  • Clear explanations of grammar and vocabulary.

Each course or level consists of a 90-hour learning period with a minimum of 30 hours enrollment.

There are 3 levels: Elementary, Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate. All courses are taught by native teachers.

What are the pre–requirements?

  • An appropriate score on our placement test.

What will I gain from this course?

  • A greater understanding of workplace vocabulary and language.
  • Increased confidence when using Chinese language at work.
  • Better overall skill in Chinese language.

Who is this course suitable for?

Anybody looking to improve their Chinese language in the workplace.

You can
11–4Content Study the Chinese Pinyin system Know greeting words and etiquette Know how to call others Ask for help and say “thank you” Understand the Chinese system of names & titles
5–6ContentExpress a warm and polite welcome Entertain guests and use polite language Use demonstrative pronouns and interrogative words Understand Chinese etiquette for receiving visitors
7–8Content Introduce and get to know each other Talk about occupations and work places Use business titles and appellations Understand Chinese etiquette of introductions
29–10ContentExpress apology and regret Talk about daily office supplies and use quantifiers Ask permission to do something (Keywords: nénɡ / kéyǐ) Understand Chinese holidays
11–13ContentExpress polite refusal Giving precedence to others out of courtesy Express praise and modesty Understand precedence and courtesy around paying the restaurant bill
14–15ContentSay goodbye to friends Wish someone well and say farewell Use future tense Understand Chinese customs of seeing someone off
316ContentExpresar peticiones e instrucciones en la oficina Pedir disculpas a otros Entender la cultura china de la administración del dinero
17–18ContentExpress requests and instructions in the office Apologize to others Understand the Chinese culture of money management
19–20ContentParticipate in celebrations or cocktail parties Express congratulations and good wishes to other Understand Chinese festival culture

You can。。。
11–3Content:Deal with a phone call Call a taxi Ask and give directions Understand the Chinese culture of business phone calls
4–5Content:Talk about office supplies Talk about the time Use prepositional phrases of time Understand Chinese public holidays
6–7Content:Talk about prices Order food in Chinese Pay the bill Treat a meal to business partners Understand Chinese dishes and customs for entertaining guests
28–9Content:Make conversations at the bank (Exchange / Pay-in / Draw-out) Rent a house Talk about room types and facilities Express large number and amounts Understand addresses in Chinese
10–11Content:Talk about daily duties in office management Discuss office appearance Share information (shopping / food / sports / travel…) Understand Chinese customs of office dress
12–13Content:Talk about illness and remedies Ask for time off (health reasons / business reasons) Take about Visas (apply / extend / expired) Understand Chinese Visas
314–16Content:Talk about exchange letters (e-mail) and goods Ask for assistance in Chinese Take about office supplies Understand how Chinese people value interpersonal relationships
17–18Content:Make appointments with government offices Talk about the day to day work Understand the hierarchy of the Chinese Civil service
19–20Content:Talk about travelling on official business Manage a schedule and book tickets and hotel Talk about sports and recreation Understand Chinese daily recreation and sports
LevelUnitContent & Outcome
You can…
11ContentInvite other people to a social gathering Use emphasis in a sentence Understand business meetings and fairs
2ContentExchange gifts in business situations Respond when you are presented with a gift Understand honorifics
3ContentParticipate in a dinner party in a business situation Understand and follow banquet and entertainment customs
4ContentPick up the bill when eating out Express thanks to a host for their graciousness Talk about “who pays the bill’ in different cultures
5ContentTalk about types of office documents Discuss paperwork processes in the office
26ContentMake an appointment with others Arrange the day / time / place / topic Use sentences with verbs or verbal constructions in series
7ContentTalk about having a meeting Talk about giving assignments of work Understand the department of a company
8ContentArrange a schedule of business activities Plan a business trip Participate in a business visit and inspection
9ContentSummon staff to a meeting Arrange a meeting agenda and place Understand different types and levels of meeting
10ContentIntroduce your company to customers and partners Talk about company history / scale / factories / marketing / staff / products, etc Understand the Chinese market
311ContentTalk about participating in an exposition / exhibition Introduce a product Introduce a workshop and equipment Understand commodities fairs in China
12ContentPresent detailed information of a product: (composition / price / profit / quality /effectiveness) Talk about the target customers and social strata Understand the competitiveness of Chinese industries
13ContentDo a marketing survey of customers Make a process presentation for a corporation Understand the management patterns of companies
14ContentAnalyze the feedback from a marketing survey Talk about the reception of the goods on the market Express proportion in Chinese
15ContentQuote a price in a trade negotiation Talk about the price terms (FOB CFR CIF) Bargain & haggle
416ContentTalk about the delivery date of goods Express the date and period ( High level) Use complements to show degree / result / direction / amount
17ContentTalk about the mode of payment in business transactions Understand banking institutions in China
18ContentMake requests in business transactions Talk about compensation Talk about agents and exclusive agents Talk about the Chinese economic laws
19ContentTalk about contract and renewal Talk about how to deal with defective products or other problems of marketing Use verbal particles
20ContentTalk about reputation and commitment before signing contracts Understand Confucian ideology and commercial ethics

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