Our Pro-Biz English courses are practical language courses that emphasize business speaking and listening, while also boosting your skills in reading and writing for the workplace. In these courses, you can expect:

Clear explanations of grammar and vocabulary.
Communicative activities to practice your skills.
Improved confidence to communicate in English at work.

Each stage consists of 90 hours of learning (except beginner stages which is 60 hours) with a minimum of 30 hours enrolment (one level). There are 4 stages from Beginner to Advanced. All courses are taught by native teachers.

What are the pre-requirements?

An appropriate score on our placement test.

What will I gain from this course?

Better business communication skills in English.
Confidence to express yourself more freely and fluently.
A deeper understanding of English grammar and vocabulary.

Who is this course suitable for?

Anybody looking to improve their business communication skills in English.

You can…
  • Introduce yourself & your company
  • Greet people in professional situations
  • Spell names
  • Ask for someone on the phone
  • Ask & answer about location of places
  • Say numbers 1-99
  • Say phone numbers
  • Ask & answer about schedules
  • Say days & times
  • Talk about meetings
  • Ask someone on the phone to call you back
  • Talk about companies
  • say countries & nationalities
  • Give a simple presentation
  • Say numbers 100-999
  • Say addresses
  • Ask for repetition on the phone
  • Greet friends & strangers
  • Introduce other people
  • Have simple conversations at the airport
  • Exchange personal information
  • Request things
  • Talk about things & places in the office
  • Talk about electronic products
  • Describe product features
  • Request information on the phone
  • Talk about jobs & duties
  • Give instructions
  • Leaving a message on the phone
  • Say months & dates
  • Tell the time
  • Schedule a meeting
  • Re-schedule an appointment
  • Ask & give directions
  • Say numbers 1,000 – 1,000,000
  • Talk about money
  • Have simple conversations in a shop
  • Order something on the phone
  • Make a flight reservation, restaurant reservations
  • Make a restaurant reservation
  • Talk about periods of time
  • Book a hotel room or rental car
  • Change a booking on the phone
  • Make equests & respond to requests
  • Talk about deadlines
  • Make offers & respond to offers
  • Ask for a favor on the phone
  • Place an order in a coffee shop
  • Describe places
  • Invite & accept/decline an invitation
  • Talk about food & restaurants
  • Thanks someone on the phone
You can
11· Welcome a visitor

· Ask & give personal information

· Start, continue and end a short conversation

· Say numbers, countries & regions

· Understand how people greet each other in different countries

2· Talk about different types of office

· Describe routine activities

· Talk about office equipment & where it is located

· Write an email to ask for information

3· Understand common telephone phrases

· Talk about what people are doing now

· Leave & take telephone messages

· Understand a text about smartphones

· Understand how business cards are used in different cultures

24· Understand conversations in a shop

· Use some/any/much/many

· Talk about shopping habits and service in stores

· Give & understand directions

· Write an email asking for product information

5· Make appointments

· Talk about future plans

· Make suggestions

· Talk about times & dates

· Understand different communication styles

6· Change a hotel reservation on the phone

· Compare people, places & things

· Talk about vacations and ways of travelling

· Understand comments about a hotel

· Write a confirmation email

37· Understand someone talking about a company

· Talk about events in the past (past tense)

· Present basic information about a company

· Correctly use phrases with make & do

· Understand conversation ‘taboos’ in different cultures

8· Make invitations & accept/decline invitations

· Use the modal verbs can, must, have to & need to

· Use countable & uncountable nouns correctly

· Talk about a restaurant menu

· Talk about food, drinks & favorite dishes

· Write an invitation and reply

9· Talk about work & leisure

· Use ing & infinitive forms of verbs correctly

· Understand a text about tourism in Thailand

· Understand body language in different cultures

10· Say hello & goodbye in different situations

· Use will & won’t correctly to talk about the future

· Talk about life in the future

· Understand a text about the ASEAN Community

· Write a thank you email

You can
11· Welcome a visitor in a business situation

· Use the present & present continuous tense

· Ask questions with Wh- words

· Talk about workplaces

· Ask people to describe things

· Understand attitudes about being on time in different cultures

2· Understand a conversation about videoconferences

· Use the ing form of verbs correctly after prepositions

· Use modal verbs in the past & to give advice

· Talk about computers & the internet

· Write telephone & text messages

3· Understand someone describing a product

· Ask & answer questions using the past tense

· Understand & use the passive (Rice is grown in Thailand.)

· Talk about products & services using adjectives

· Talk about ASEAN countries, languages and people

· Understand a text about ‘wearable technology’

24· Understand & talk about advertising

· Use the ‘first’ conditional (If it rains, we will stay home.)

· Use adverbs of manner to talk about how people do things

· Correctly use some easily-confused words (example: say/tell)

· Understand formal & informal language in emails

5· Understand a presentation about sales figures

· Use the present perfect tense with for & since

· Describe charts & graphs

· Open & close a presentation, and use connecting words

· Understand a text about successful Asian business people

6· Understand a conversation in a bank

· Use the structure verb + object + to do (something)

· Understand & use ‘defining’ relative clauses (The phone that I bought)

· Make conversations in a bank

· Talk about money & currencies

· Write a short sales report

37· Understand conversations about future careers

· Use will & going to to talk about the future

· Talk about college & university

· Talk about jobs

· Understand names & business titles in different countries

8· Make & handle complaints

· Understand & make apologies

· Use adverbs that modify adjectives (example: terribly sorry)

· Correctly use some easily-confused words (example: advice/advise)

· Write a reply to a complaint email

9· Introduce yourself & make business contacts

· Use reflexive pronouns (myself, herself, each other, etc)

· Use the present perfect tense with ever, yet & already

· Discuss a social program for a visitor to Thailand

· Use common expressions for socializing

· Use phrasal verbs

10· Understand a conversation about planning a meeting

· Use may, might & maybe correctly

· Organize a meeting

· Understand meeting styles & meeting etiquette

· Write an agenda for a meeting

You can
11· Talk about time management

· Make wishes about the present (I wish I had more time.)

· Use expressions with Its + adjective + infinitive (Its easy to do.)

· Talk about time & money using common phrases

· Talk about working hours in different countries

2· Understand people talking about services they provide

· Use the phrase get/have something done (get my hair cut)

· Use little/less/least & few/fewer/fewest correctly

· Understand a call center conversation

· Talk about jobs in the service industry & a successful company

· Give, receive & check information

· Understand & write a purchase order

3· Understand & talk about basic marketing principles

· Use gerunds (verb-ing) as subjects, objects & after prepositions

· Use a/an & the correctly

· Use correct syllable stress in longer words

· Understand & discuss gift-giving customs in different countries

24· Understand & discuss problems at work

· Use reported speech in statements (He told me he would come.)

· Use the past continuous tense (I was walking along when…)

· Understand an expat boss talking about work problems

· Talk about solving problems

· Use two- & three-word phrasal verbs

· Use suffixes to make nouns & adjectives (information, informative)

· Understand how to write summaries

5· Talk about past events using the past perfect tense

· Use present & past tenses correctly to tell a story

· Understand & summarize business news stories

· Use compound nouns & adjectives (worldfamous, computer virus)

· Ask for & give opinions, and agree & disagree with opinions

6· Understand a conversation about planning a conference

· Use going to & will correctly to talk about the future

· Report questions, advice & instructions (She advised me to…)

· Participate in a meeting

· Understand & use the language of meetings

· Write the minutes of a meeting

37· Understand how to give a presentation

· Use the passive in different tenses & with modal verbs

· Use so & such correctly

· Make a short presentation

· Use singular & plural noun forms correctly

· Understand how to dress for business in Asian cultures

8· Understand & discuss working conditions & benefits

· Understand & use the ‘third’ conditional (I would have helped if you had asked.)

· Talk about past situations with used to

· Understand a text about employees living abroad

· Write a cover letter applying for a job

9· Understand a conversation about an environmentally-friendly office

· Use reporting verbs & ask indirect questions (Do you know where John is?)

· Review: first, second & third conditionals

· Discuss environmental issues

· Use synonyms & opposites

10· Understand a conversation about job-hunting

· Express regret about events in the past (If only I had studied more.)

· Participate in a job interview

· Talk about skills, qualifications & personal qualities

· Write a CV

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