Course Curriculum

EZY Thai Survival
Unit1: introduce yourself in Thai 00:04:00
Unit2: How are you? 00:04:00
Unit3: Thank you, You’re welcome and Never mind 00:04:00
Unit 4: I’m sorry, Excuse me and where is toilet? 00:04:00
Unit 5:See you next time 00:04:00
Unit 6: What’s your name? 00:03:00
unit 7: Where do you come from? 00:05:00
Unit 8: Numbers 00:08:00
unit 9: What is this? How would you say….in Thai? How much is it? 00:06:00
Unit10:Ordering food and drinks 00:07:00
Unit11:Thai food and drinks 00:11:00
Unit12:Buying street food 00:10:00
Unit13:Could you please ….? (Asking someone to do you a favor) 00:07:00
Unit14:May I / May I have …..? (Ask for permission and something) 00:08:00
Unit15:Asking for directions and places 00:09:00
Unit16:Taking a taxi 00:06:00
Unit17:Buying clothes and colors 00:09:00
Unit20: Useful words and phrases 00:08:00
pdf Unit 00:00:00
Unit18: How to tell the time 00:08:00
Unit19: How to ask someone out 00:06:00


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